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today when I join to DA very nice surprise is waiting for me. Someone give me a Core membership. I dont know who is it but want to say him THANK YOU.
Hi all,
Im now at the artstation too. Long time I think about it, and havent reason to go there. But now I find this page more inspirational than here.…

Thank you all for your support.
Hi all,
Im now at patreon page. Now I add there older works. But in the near future there is more about my work (ful resolution JPEGs, tutorials and maybe a video of painting and PSD files). So if you like my work than find me there. Thank you all FugasCZ.…
I would like to invite you to game which I played now. It is amazing combination with learning to type and fun with games. Try how fast is your typing! See you there.

Here is a link to try:

If you try it, pls finish 20 races. Thx
i see over 2K pagewiev in my acount. I only want thx u for your support and want try my 1. journal :D
Specialy thx to all groups, which i was and were member.

Hope I dont write next journal after next 2K.

See u soon.